This plugin has been closed as of 11 במאי 2021 and is not available for download. This closure is permanent. סיבה: בקשת מחבר.


4 ביוני 2019
Spot.IM's recirculation widget has the text 'Popular in the community' and below it features a Google ad. Google Adsense consider this to be a 'misleading ad' due to the text. Google has permanently banned by site due to policy violation because of using this plugin.
2 בפברואר 2018
Very buggy. Broke twice during updates. No, I do not want to "reimagine" my comments. I want them to work and we don't want to embarrass ourselves in front of our audience -- which was what happened, objectively speaking, when hundreds of visitors suddenly got a syntax error. SO.... No. Thank you.
20 ביוני 2017
Spot.IM helps spark community interactions across all websites! It gives the user a more dynamic experience, allowing him to partake in discussions, conversations and more with an interface that's easy to use.
23 במאי 2017
At first I was a bit hesitant about switching my communities commenting system and starting over again, but that was before I realized I could import my previous discussions and not lose anything at all. Spot.IM allowed me to quickly put an elegant community system on my site for free, while using conversations from my previous application. Spot.IM definitely saved me a lot of time and worrying. I would recommend this to anyone looking to retain a community, increase the time users stay on your site, and want state of the art community management and moderation tools.
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