הערות תוסף פלוס


Have you ever returned to a site that you built a while back and asked, "Dude, why did I install this plugin?" This plugin provides an extra column on the Plugins page that enables you to add, edit, or delete notes about the plugins you have installed on a particular site. These notes are intended to provide documentation regarding why a particular plugin was installed and how or where it's being used.


  • הוסיפו כמה הערות שצריך לכל תוסף.
  • ערוך או מחק הערות כרצונך.
  • Select an icon to go with each note to quickly convey what type of content it contains (e.g., info, warning, link, etc.)
  • ניתן לעצב את ההערות באמצעות תגיות HTML בסיסיות.
  • כל הקישורים הכלולים בהערה יומרו אוטומטית אל target="_blank"
  • ההערות מתווספות ומתעדכנות באמצעות Ajax, תוך הימנעות מטעינה איטית של דפים.
  • ההערות מוצגות גם בעמוד השדרוגים של וורדפרס עבור כל התוספים שצריך לעדכן.

צילומי מסך

  • Upon activating the plugin, you will see a new column on the Plugins page that enables you to add, edit, or delete notes about the plugins you have installed on a particular site.


  1. You can either install the plugin via the Plugins directory from within your WordPress install, or you can upload the files manually to your server by extracting the .zip file and placing its contents in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. הפעילו את התוסף דרך מסך התוספים בוורדפרס.
  3. הוסף, ערוך או מחק הערות בעמודת הערות התוסף בעמוד התוספים המותקנים.

שאלות נפוצות

האם ניתן לשנות סמלים זמינים להצגה לצד הערות תוסף?

Yes, you can use the filter plugin-notes-plus_icon_options to modify the set of icons available. The icons must be selected from the list of available WordPress dashicons.

Here is an example of a snippet that removes one icon and adds an additional icon to the list of options. It can be added to your child theme's functions.php:

function pnp_change_icon_options( $icon_options ) {

    // Remove key option
    unset( $icon_options['dashicons-admin-network'] );

    // Add smartphone option
    $icon_options['dashicons-smartphone'] = 'Smartphone';

    return $icon_options;
add_filter( 'plugin-notes-plus_icon_options', 'pnp_change_icon_options' );
אילו תגיות HTML מותרות והאם ניתן לשנות את הרשימה הזו?

ניתן להשתמש בתגיות HTML הבאות: a, br, p, b, strong, i, em, u, hr.

To modify the list of available tags, use the filter plugin-notes-plus_allowed_html. Be careful, however, to avoid allowing tags that could leave the site vulnerable to an XSS attack.

function pnp_change_allowed_html_tags( $allowed_tags ) {

    // Remove br from allowed tags
    unset( $allowed_tags['br'] );

    // Add img to allowed tags
    $allowed_tags['img'] = array();

    return $allowed_tags;
add_filter( 'plugin-notes-plus_allowed_html', 'pnp_change_allowed_html_tags' );
היכן המידע נשמר?

Plugin notes and note metadata are stored in a custom table whose name ends in plugin_notes_plus. In the initial version (1.0.0), notes were stored in the options table. Version 1.1.0 was released to migrate existing notes from the options table into the plugin_notes_plus table. Upgrading to version 1.1.1 will perform a cleanup, removing any notes from the options table.

איך זה עובד ברשת אתרים?

Each site within a multisite install maintains its own plugin notes. Additionally, the superadmin can maintain their own plugin notes.


3 בינואר 2020
Very useful plugin if you want to describe, add some plugin tips, etc. Thank you.
7 באוקטובר 2019
Years ago I used something similar, but got some problems and then the plugin was abandoned or something. I don't remember exactly, because I got no plugin notes to put it in! Finally here is the new solution. How did we survive without it? Thanks!
20 בספטמבר 2019
I was actually building something like that for myself when I found this plugin. You did a great job! I also translated the entire plugin to Hebrew, to use in my clients sites. Does the plugin has a GitHub repo? It has RTL issues and I want to fix them.
28 באוגוסט 2019
The WordPress team should incorporate this plug-in as part of the core product! That's how useful it is. The WordPress design philosophy is lots of plugins being installed -- potentially fine-grained ones -- to add to the WordPress functionality to avoid doing PHP programming. However, the negative side of that is the maintenance nightmare of tracking in your head "Why did I install that obscure plug-in? What is it used for on my site?"; in the worst case, you weaken the security of your site as you are too scared to disable any (potentially) unused or unimportant plug-in as you don't know if it is providing a crucial role or not! This plug-in solves all that!
16 באוגוסט 2019
I install this on all sites I manage. It's particularly great when not the sole admin on a site.
17 ביולי 2019
Dang man, you stole my idea for a simple plugin to make! 🙂 Well done...
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  • נוסף: עדכונים לתאימות RTL. תודה ל- @ramiy.
  • הוסרו: קבצי תרגום מיותרים.


  • Fixed: JavaScript error that sometimes happened on update-core.php if a plugin had no notes. Thanks to @brianhenryie for bringing this to my attention.
  • נוסף: תרגום הונגרית. תודה ל- @tomek00.


  • Added: Plugin notes now display in a read-only format on the WordPress Updates page (update-core.php). Thanks to @douglsmith for the suggestion.
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary multisite hook. Thanks to @foomagoo for pointing this out.


  • Fixed: Bug that prevented user from adding or updating notes after an ajax response. Thanks to @anticosti for helping to identify this bug.
  • Added: Spinning icon to indicate that a note is in the process of being deleted.


  • Added: Cleanup routine to remove notes from the options table. (If upgrading from 1.0.0, notes will first be migrated into their own table.)


  • Fixed: Bug that caused plugin notes to disappear on Windows servers due to discrepancies in the plugin file path related to forward vs. backslash. This update will recover missing notes. Thanks to @gwalsh66 for helping to identify this bug.
  • Changed: Plugin notes will now be stored in a custom table called $wpdb->prefix . 'plugin_notes_plus'
  • Added: Migration routine to move notes from the options table into their own table if upgrading from version 1.0.0
  • Added: Entry in the options table called 'plugin_notes_plus_db_version' to track the custom database table version


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