Hey Notify


Get notified when things happen in WordPress.

Notifications can be sent to:

  • Slack
  • Discord
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Email

Notifications for:

  • Posts
    • Draft
    • Pending
    • Scheduled
    • Published
    • Trashed
  • Pages
    • Draft
    • Pending
    • Scheduled
    • Published
    • Trashed
  • Custom Post Types
    • Draft
    • Pending
    • Scheduled
    • Published
    • Trashed
  • Comments
    • New Comment
  • Users
    • New User
    • Administrator Login
    • Failed Administrator Login
  • System Events
    • WordPress Updates
    • Plugin Updates
    • Plugin Activation
    • Plugin Deactivation
    • Theme Updates
    • Theme Change

Hey Notify Pro

Stay in the know with Hey Notify Pro. Premium features to keep you up to date with everything happening on your website.

  • Native integration with Gravity Forms.
  • Native integration with Ninja Forms.
  • Sales notifications from Easy Digital Downloads.

צילומי מסך

  • Notification Settings
  • Hey Notify Settings Page


  1. Upload the hey-notify folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the Hey Notify plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the Hey Notify menu that appears in your WordPress Admin.


16 ביולי 2021
Very clean plugin and the output to the services is impeccable. Though, like another reviewer said, being able to edit the messages sent to the services would be a very welcome addition.
14 בפברואר 2021
This is great plugin and hope to see some custom edit on notification & post type, looking forward to use it more in near future
2 בפברואר 2021 1 reply
Replaces the old "discord post" thingy, amazing plugin! You guys deserve more installs. Thanks!
23 בינואר 2021 1 reply
Love this plugin. He does exactly what he has to do. But, if Guilded webhook could be added, think this would be more awesome. <3
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  • Added support for Live Preview in the Plugin Directory.
  • Expanded admin header to add and edit notification pages.
  • Updated language file for translations.


  • Fixed version.


  • Changed network requests to use wp_safe_remote_post.


  • BREAKING CHANGES – If you use our Gravity Forms or Ninja Forms add-on, please download our new Pro add-on from your Account as the individual plugins have been discontinued.
  • Migrated settings from Carbon Fields to our own custom fields.
  • Settings page redesign.
  • Notification event tags now show their complete event name.
  • Updated Slack settings to reflect their new webhook API.
  • New Comment notifications are not sent if comment is marked as spam.