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ExtraWatch (Live Stats, Realtime tracking, Visits on a map and more)

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ExtraWatch (Live Stats, Realtime tracking, Visits on a map and more)


See what's going on on your website in real time. See who's browsing which pages, information about his country, city, device. This is a great way how to see how your website is being used by the users.
See most recent visits on a map, most popular pages, visits from search engines and where your visitors came from. In this version, data are stored in the cloud, and script is loaded asynchronously, so there is no performance impact on your website.
If you're using static plugins like WP Slimstat, this plugin will give you completely different real time experience.

The ExtraWatch team does not provide support for the plugin on the WordPress.org forums.
Please use ExtraWatch support.


Monitor User activity

  • check who's browsing your website in real time, export visitors of your website in CSV format, see bots and spiders
  • traffic sources with graphs (google, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin)

Click Heatmap

  • displays visitor's mouse clicks, you can see most popular areas of your website


  • allows you to watch visits on a map in real time


  • unique visitors, page load stats

Organic traffic

  • see which pages are visited from google and other search engines

Popular pages

  • most popular pages for selected day


  • where most of the visits came from

For more information and demos please visit: https://www.extrawatch.com/demos

Arbitrary section

צילומי מסך

  • Visitors – contains visitor information, refreshed in real time, traffic sources with graphs (google, facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube, linkedin)

  • Map – displays visitors in real time on a map

  • Click Heatmap – displays visitor's mouse clicks

  • Stats – page load stats per day

  • Bots – see activity of google bot, yahoo, yandex and other website spiders and crawlers

  • Referrers – where most of the visits came from


Check installation video:

Installation of ExtraWatch into WordPress:

  1. Click Plugins -> "Add New"

  2. Find plugin "ExtraWatch"

  3. Click "Install Now", then "Activate"

  4. New menu item "ExtraWatch" will appear

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16 ביולי 2019 1 reply
it seems good, but i have to log in every time i want to see the stats which is very annoying. Sometimes, it shows nothing, you have to wait for some minutes to show something and sometimes it does not show where the last visitor came from. If you go to their website to see the stats, it is worse, you cannot see anything at all
3 בספטמבר 2016
This plugin provides a lot of excellent information and can become addictive to monitor once installed. In some cases you can see the search term used to visit your site, plus real time monitoring of visitors and which pages they visit. Highly recommended plugin for those wanting more detailed info about visitors to your site.
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4.0.51 – added installation video

4.0.49 – visitors listing traffic sources (google, facebook, twitter, etc.), possibility to ignore own IP

4.0.48 – click heatmap

4.0.44 – automatic login, displaying bot notifications, playing click sound on each new visit

4.0.43 – added bots section, export as CSV, table with stats

4.0.32 – initial release