Gutenberg Blocks Templates – 50+ Free Gutenberg Block Designs


THIS PLUGIN IS A SERVICE. It downloads pre-made Gutenberg editor designs form our server. You don't need a license to get a free set of designs downloaded. License required for access to our premium designs.

🌿Ever-growing design library for new Gutenberg blocks editor. | PRO access for $9 | Plugin support

⏰ Any section design. Ready in a click.
We are creating a design library for Gutenberg that will include all the possible layout variations for your next WordPress project.

📦 Performance oriented. Default blocks only.
Our plugin uses default Gutenberg block only. It will not pollute your WordPress installation with extra blocks or any custom code.

⚡ No extra JS code. 100% compatibility.
This design library is fully compatible with other Gutenberg plugins and themes.

Works great with popular Gutenberg plugins and custom blocks:

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  • Advanced Gutenberg Blocks
  • Advanced Heading Blocks with Custom Fonts for Gutenberg
  • Stackable – Stackable Gutenberg Blocks
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התקנה ושימוש

  1. התקן והפעל את התוסף באמצעות לוח הבקרה של וורדפרס.
  2. פתח את עורך הבלוקים של גוטנברג.
  3. Click on the small carrot icon located in the top panel to start using our library.

צילומי מסך

  • הדגמה מהירה כיצד להוסיף חלקים חדשים לדף.

שאלות נפוצות

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הוא יחסוך זמן ביצירת פריסות עמוד מורכבות ועיצובי באמצעות בלוקים.

האם זה יעבוד עם התבנית שלי?

Our plugin uses default blocks and libraries. It will work with any plugin or theme that is compatible with the new WordPress editor.

האם הקוד של הדף יכיל תגיות או הערות מותאמות?

Our design library doesn’t create any custom blocks. We do not pollute your page code with extra code or tags.


25 באוקטובר 2019
Contrary what the developer states this plug-in is not 100% compatible and locks you in. The code you get when using the designs is not correct, so hopefully they will change this, because the idea of the templates is good. When you disable this plug-in the design changes, because blocks are used which are not supported by pure Gutenberg.(a single columns block is not allowed) With the new Grouping block which is coming soon this could be solved. Further me and others did not get any respond on support question for the last 6 months or more and there are no updates to the designs for months.. Premium version is advertised prominently, but BE CAUTIOUS purchasing! this is probably a deserted plug-in.
8 במאי 2019
downloaded, then uploaded, followed all directions, clicked link that said "download your 50 free blocks now" and it doesn't.....why???....because his email says he hasn't made them yet! wordpress...please spank this idiot. he lied, is in pre-alpha, and is clueless how (or plugins) work. god i'm pissed. why lie?
24 בינואר 2019
The plugin makes me see the Gutenberg with different eyes. Looking forward to seeing more block designs.
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🎁 Checkout free block styling plugin for Gutenberg.


🤦I'm sorry for the delay in releasing new designs during the last few weeks. While adding new sections into the library, I faced with import process performance degradation. It became clear that the current code will not handle thousands of designs and need rewriting. In this update I recoded from scratch all the design import processes. Now the plugin is ready to manage thousands of designs without any performance issues.

  • ⭐ Completely recoded design import processes.
  • ⭐ Now you can drag and drop designs on the page.


  • 🐞 Fixed styles problem with full-width sections


  • ⭐ Added untility CSS class: .dsgn__no-margins – removes all the margins for the current element.
  • ⭐ Added untility CSS class: .dsgn__single-line-height – reset text line-height to 1.
  • 🐞 Fixed broken panel tabs in Gutenberg 5.2


In this update, we finally added license validation and premium design update functionality.

Now that we can validate pro buyers and will start adding premium designs following our schedule. First release planned for March 1st, next March 15th, then April 1st and so on. By November 2019 we will add 1000 designs into our library.

If you bought a premium subscription, please note that we will extend it and start counting it from March 1st. So you are not losing subscription days waiting for designs. We will also add ten additional site activations to every user who bought the subscription before March 1st. Thanks again for showing your support.

  • 🗝 Added a section for the premium users to add their license.
  • 💣 Added option to delete local design library and re-download it.
  • ⭐ Added "Styles" tab for the future styling sets (premium feature).
  • 🐞 Fixed error "No route was found"


  • 🏳 גרסת בטא ראשונית