All-in-One WP Migration

Move, transfer, copy, migrate, and backup a site with 1-click. Quick, easy, and reliable.

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SiteGround Migrator

Transfer your WordPress website to SiteGround without any hassle in a completely automated way using…

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Move to

A WordPress plugin that helps users to migrate their sites to

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WP Stripe

WP Stripe provides a payment form and recent donor widget by utilizing, the awesome…

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WordPress BasePress Migration Tools

Migrate all BasePress Knowledge Base content with ease between sites. Including KBs, sections, articles and…

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GamiPress – Transfers Notes

Add a textarea on Transfers add-on forms where users can leave notes about their transfer.

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Bulk Change Role

Transfer all users from one role to another.

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Airport Transfers

Special airport transfers form that delivers mail to an administrator with customer's data.

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