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Urban Square


גרסה: 1.3.3

עדכון אחרון: 1 במרץ 2017

התקנות פעילות: 300+

אתר הבית

Urban Square is a theme based on a BlankSlate core. With this theme, your template will no longer have to look like anyone else's. You can change the header image/logo, background image and colors behind the background, header/footer/sidebar, menus and widgets. Urban Square is high definition ready, providing retina.js on option for inline images and an image upload for @2x backgrounds. The Header Image section in the Customizer has additions that let you choose three display modes for header images: Responsive- where images stretch with the browser window, Fixed- fixed size until the browser window becomes smaller than the image, and Repeating- for simple repeating textures/patterns.

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