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Medical Insight

מאת pewilliams

תבנית בת של Medical Care.

גרסה: 0.2.3

עדכון אחרון: 14 בספטמבר 2021

התקנות פעילות: 100+

גרסת PHP: ‏ 7.2 ומעלה

אתר הבית

Medical Insight is a theme designed for medical websites as well as personal portfolio sites for surgeons, gynecologist, general therapist, doctors and for all medical sector people. It can also be used for private clinics, Covid center, govt. hospitals, nursing homes blood test, CT scan, Radiography, gynecology, veterinary clinics, SARS, dental, hospital, pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy and like websites. This professional theme offers a lot of customization and personalization options. It has a retina-ready and beautiful design. You can add shortcodes to improve the functionality of your website. It is translation-ready and supports RTL layout. It has fast page load times as it is optimized for speed. It has responsive layout which fits well with all devices screen sizes. Also, it is SEO-friendly which will help your website rank soon on all major search engines like Google.


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