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מאת Asadiyan

גרסה: 1.0.8

עדכון אחרון: 25 ביולי 2021

התקנות פעילות: 200+

גרסת וורדפרס: 5.5 ומעלה

גרסת PHP: ‏ 5.5 ומעלה

אתר הבית

Hamgamweb Magazine Theme (Hgwmag) is an advanced WordPress theme that's appropriate for a news, blog and magazine website. The theme includes a range of free starting pages that can be imported with a single click to create a great news portal. With custom widgets and widget areas, the theme is fully widgetized, allowing users to control site content. It also contains a number of helpful customizer options for building a visually appealing news site. You can configure it as you like to see how it looks before making any improvements using the live customizer. The theme is ideal for a news, journal, magazine, publishing, or review site, as well as blogging. People will get outstanding support from the team if they have any problems when using it. This theme will be updated regularly.


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