Woocommerce Tranzila Payment Gateway


Plugin provides a payment gateway from WooCommerce to Tranzila.

Plugin adds Tranzilla iframe window in checkout page where user can pay for a product or service.

Disclaimer. Though the plugin is written by WordPress standards, the author of the plugin is not responsible for possible monetary losses. Use at your own risk.

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To contact the author antonbondarevych.fruitit@gmail.com

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  1. Install and activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' screen in WordPress
  2. Go to the WooCommerce->Settings->Payments and activate Tranzila method
  3. Click "Manage" button to open Tranzilla Payment setings. Follow up "Tranzila plugin settings steps" section.


12 באוגוסט 2019
The plugin do its work, and thanks for the developer who's take on his time to help me to solve some problem. Regards
10 בינואר 2019
Finally a good (free) Tranzila gateway. Anton answers quickly and efficiently. Thanks !!!
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  • Fixed bug with order status


  • Tested with new version WP and Woo, code optimized
  • Added the ability to select a language for iframe
  • Added the ability to select a version of iframe
  • Added the ability to select order status after successful payment


  • Tested with new version WP and Woo, code optimized


  • Fixed bugs


  • Tested with WordPress 5.4.1 and WooCommerce 4.1.0


  • Fixed Tranzila return code status bug


  • Fixed bugs


  • First version