Adaptive Images for WordPress

Adaptive images plugin transparently resizes your images, per device screen size, in order to reduce…

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SEO Image Toolbox

THIS WILL SAVE YOU HOURS. Alt tags are dynamically generated and saved to the database…

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The easiest way to resize, compress, optimise and deliver lightning fast images to your users…

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MegaOptim Image Optimizer

Optimize and compress your images to speed up your site and boost your SEO.

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Zara 4 Image Compression

Compress your images by up to 90% and make your website load faster. Improve your…

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OptiPic images optimization

Automatic optimize images on your site according to the recommendations of Google PageSpeed Insights. Automatic… 100+ התקנות פעילות תואם עד 6.2.5 עודכן לפני 11 חודשים

Semalt SEO

Semalt SEO is an all-in-one SEO plugin for WordPress that helps to track Google positions…

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SEO Auto Image Tags

Auto generate clean ALT tags for your images as they are uploaded. Removes hyphens, periods…

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Easy Image SEO Tags

Automatically generate and save alt tags to database when images are uploaded & clientside SEO…

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