Meta Tag Manager

Easily add and manage custom meta tags to various parts of your site or on…

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Open Graph and Twitter Card Tags

Improve social media sharing by inserting Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card, and SEO Meta Tags…

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Open Graphite

Control how your content is viewed when shared on social media.

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Open Graph Pro

Adds Open Graph tags to your blog. Control how your posts and pages are presented…

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Like Thumbnail

Plugin for specifying context specific images to be used as thumbnail for links liked/shared on…

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OG Tags

OG Tags includes the tags necessary to integrate your website to Facebook with almost no…

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Always Use Open Graph with Jetpack

Jetpack automatically disables its Open Graph tags when there's a known plugin that already adds…

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WP Open Graph Meta

Adds Facebook Open Graph Meta Elements to blog posts/pages to avoid no thumbnail, wrong title/description…

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Uncomplicated SEO

Uncomplicated SEO allows you to easily add the most wanted SEO attributes to your WordPress…

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Meta Tags Generator

Automatic generate meta tags. Let your WordPress site optimize with Search engine & Social sharing.

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