Disable All WordPress Updates

Disables the theme, plugin and core update checking, the related cronjobs, plugin/theme update health checks…

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WP Auto Updater

WP Auto Updater plugin enables automatic updates of WordPress Core, Themes, Plugins and Translations. Version…

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Rollback Auto Update

A feature plugin now only for testing Rollback Auto Update, aka Rollback part 3. Manual…

WP Core Contributors 6,000+ התקנות פעילות תואם עד 6.5.2 עודכן לפני חודש 1

Stop Auto Update Emails

Add the function to stop automatic update emails to WordPress.

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Notify Update par JM Créa

Notify Update par JM Créa vous notifie par email et sms (pour les abonnés freemobile)…

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WAJ Copyright Year

Simple class for handling auto-updating copyright year in website footers.

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Disable Updates by CV

Plugins, themes and the core update can be disabled from the setting page.

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A simple WordPress plugin to control automatic core updates or auto-updates for plugins, themes and…

Kai Krannich פחות מ-10 התקנות פעילות תואם עד 6.2.5 עודכן לפני שנה 1

Autoupdate Plugins & Themes

Safely Upgrade or Rollback any plugin either Automatically or Manually

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