Manage Notification E-mails


With this plugin you can switch the different WordPress notification e-mails on and off, like options as the new user and password change notifications send by WordPress to the administrator and user. Works perfectly in combination with a lot of other plugins!

צפה במדריך נחמד אשר נוצר על ידי רוברט אורזאנה:

The options you can manage are:

  1. התראה על משתש חדש למנהל
  2. התראה על משתש חדש למשתמש
  3. Notify post author
  4. Notify moderator
  5. התראה על שינוי סיסמה למנהל
  6. התראה על שינוי סיסמה למשתמש
  7. התראה על שינוי אימייל למשתמש
  8. התראה על החלפת סיסמה למשתמש
  9. התראה על החלפת סיסמה למנהל
  10. Automatic WordPress core update e-mail
  11. Automatic WordPress plugin update e-mail
  12. Automatic WordPress theme update e-mail
  13. Send admin notifications to extra admin e-mail addresses (1.7.0)
  14. Send an e-mail to administrators after a user requested to update his or her e-mail address (1.7.0)
  15. Send an e-mail to administrators after a user successfully updated his or her e-mail address (1.7.0)
  16. Multi-site support! Now you can manage your notification settings in one single environment (1.8.0)
  17. Export and import settings (1.8.0)

The automatic core, plugin, and theme updates have a special built-in feature. When one of these options is disabled, successful e-mails don't get send out, but failed updates still will send an e-mail to the admin.

This version contains some nice new stuff. If you find any issues, let me know. If you like the new features, please be so kind to give this plugin a good rating! It will help me to keep up the good work for you 🙂

Want regular updates? Feel free to support me with a small donation 🙂

צילומי מסך

  • Settings view: Core options.
  • Settings view: Available modules.
  • Settings view: Multi-site network settings.


  1. Upload via the plugins menu
  2. יש להפעיל את התוסף דרך התפריט ’תוספים‘ בוורדפרס
  3. Use the settings-page to enable or disable sending of notifications

שאלות נפוצות

האם התוסף מופעל מהתחלה?

Yes, after activating you can go to the settings page and disable or enable the notification e-mails that suits you.

Can I use this plugin for multi-site?

Yes! starting from version 1.8.0 multi-site is supported.

השבתת התראות משתמש אינה פועלת

Some other plugins also use their custom notifications which overwrite the core notifications of WordPress. To be sure, please first try the plugin without other plugins installed or at least temporarily disable them.


23 ביוני 2023 1 reply
This plugin no longer works and seems to have been abandoned. Within the past half year, users were complaining they weren't receiving the password reset emails. Sure enough, we found it was this plugin preventing password reset emails from going out. Disabled it and all is working as should now.
17 במאי 2023 1 reply
Love the plugin, saved me a lot of hassle but stopped working all of a sudden. Did re-install, delete date etc. but now I get flooded with e-mails.Edit: working again! Thank you so much!
27 באפריל 2023
Howdy! Plugins failed to update on your site at XXXXXXXXXX Please check your site now. It’s possible that everything is working. If there are updates available, you should update.
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FIXED: Medium vulnerability in settings module. Thanks to Wordfence for reporting this.
UPDATED: Lowered the priority to 99 in the filters fixing some issues where plugins overwrite the disabling of sending the e-mails.= 1.8.5 =
UPDATED: Compatibility fix with WP 6.1+ where new user notifications are managed by filters.


UPDATED: Refactoring.


FIXED: (CSRF) Security fix. Special thanks to Muhammad Daffa (Patchstack Alliance) for reporting this.


FIXED: fixed an issue with automatic plugin update notification.
FIXED: fixed issues with not correct activating options in multisite environment.
UPDATED: language corrections.


ADDED: Multi-site support.
ADDED: Import and export of settings.
UPDATED: A lot of files are refactored and added some more comments along with it.


FIXED: Email automatic plugin update notification to admin sometimes still send out.


UPGRADED: Refactored the plugin and added a more suitable modular system for adding new features.
ADDED: Send admin notifications to extra admin e-mail addresses
ADDED: Send an e-mail to administrators after a user requested to update his or her e-mail address
ADDED: Send an e-mail to administrators after a user successfully updated his or her e-mail address


FIXED: Email automatic plugin update notification to admin sometimes still send out.


ADDED: Automatic WordPress plugin, and theme update e-mail options.


FIXED: php-notice for missing $deprecated variable.


UPGRADED: Upgraded the pluggable functions file. Fixing the missing PassWordHash Class bug.


תוקן: טעינת שפות מקומיות.


ADDED: Manage sending e-mail after a successful automatic WordPress core update to administrators. E-mails about failed updates will always be sent to the administrators and will not be disabled.


נוסף: תמיכה בריבוי שפות


ADDED: passing through the $notify variable, available sinds 4.6. This is for other plugins to override default sending to admin or user. Only useful if sending within this plugin is activated.
UPDATED: updated with the newer pluggable send functions of WordPress 4.7.
FIXED: Missing blogname in user email


ADDED: Manage sending password forgot e-mail to registered user.
ADDED: Manage sending password forgot e-mail to administrator.


FIXED: Checking password change notification to admin now works.
ADDED: Splitted the manage option for new user notification e-mail into user and admin e-mail.
UPDATED: Clarified some comments and fixed some typo's.


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