Lead Champion


The official plugin to activate Lead Champion on a WordPress site.

Through a proprietary technology, every Lead Champion customer obtains the data of companies visiting a website, together with the information of behavior and interest on products and services. In addition to identifying companies, you can also display overlay forms with personalized call to action to site visitors, in order to acquire highly profiled leads. The company recognition module – discover – and the smart overlay forms module – booster – are available separately on the Lead Champion website link.

Lead Champion discover main features

More than 95% of visitors leave the websites without leaving contact information: these include your new customers.

Lead Champion discover is the lead generation solution that detects these leads even if they have not filled out any contact form.

  • Easy activation through WordPress plugin: it is necessary to have a Lead Champion discover license. Try the demo to discover the service and you will be contacted by our customer service.
  • Assign to every visitor a score based on the behavior on the site and the similarity with your ideal client. Easily configure your scoring settings to best fit with your business
  • It enriches every contact with high business value info (product category, turnover class and number of employees, etc.)
  • It is a marketing business intelligence system: it offers information on the behavior of website visitors, to evaluate prospects, online campaigns effectiveness, customer behaviour, competitors, etc.
  • It integrates with Zapier and the main CRMs to automatically feed the sales pipeline.

Lead Champion booster main features

Lead Champion booster customers experience an increase up to 50% of the conversion rate on the leads acquired with the website, increasing the number of potential customers' contacts and maximizing the ROI of their web marketing activities. Lead Champion booster allows you to activate smart pop-up forms, which can be configured to reach the right visitor at the right time and with the best message.

  • Easy activation through WordPress plugin: it is necessary to have a Lead Champion booster license. Try the demo to discover the service and you will be contacted by our customer service.
  • It offers optimized templates designed to guarantee the highest conversion rate for each type of form, to get the highest conversion rate and leads.
  • Thanks to the activation rules, you can easily decide how and when to capture the right visitor at the right time.
  • Create forms perfectly integrated with the style of your site thanks to the simple configuration panel.
  • It integrates with the Mailchimp, Zapier and main CRM systems to automatically feed the sales pipeline.

צילומי מסך

  • Lead Champion plugin configuration


Download and install the Lead Champion plugin into your WordPress site. Activate it, enter the Site ID that you receive at the license activation, and immediately starts tracing the leads.
1, 2, 3: Done!

שאלות נפוצות

How does the trial license work ?

The trial license enables all of Lead Champion functionality for a limited period.
Upon expiry of this period you can purchase a one year license to continue using the service.
After the license expires, you can no longer access the data collected by Lead Champion.

What are the differences with Google Analytics ?

Google Analytics provides statistics on anonymous visits, therefore, we need to understand how the site is used by visitors.
Lead Champion instead provides business intelligence data for marketing: the details of the companies
that visited your site with its company profile, with scoring assigned for each lead based on customizable settings,
the ability to classify the lead by tags ( eg customer, competitor, etc.), the video that plays each visit and a lead focused reporting.

Lead Champion can tell me who are the people that visited my website ?

Lead Champion recognizes the firm from which navigation was made, it does not collect information about individuals.

How to use the leads that Lead Champion provides me ?

The leads, classified by importance to your business, can be used for marketing analysis
(eg feedback on the interest of the visitors for geomarketing)
or direct marketing actions (eg. Telephone or email marketing contact).
Our blog provides insights and useful tips on how Lead Champion can get the most
from the leads of companies that visited your site.

What are the data of visiting companies shown by Lead Champion?

Data are the following: company name, VAT number, address, website, phone number, fax, email, number of employees, turnover, Facebook pages, LinkedIn and Google+.

What is behavioral scoring ?

The behavioral scoring is a score calculated on the basis of visitor behavior on the site. It can be assigned a different importance to various information (time spent on site, pages viewed, etc.) through the Lead Champion Advanced Scoring Settings.

What is the demographic scoring ?

Demographic scoring is a score calculated on the basis of characteristics such as the turnover, the merchandise category or the number of employees. It can be assigned a different importance to various information through the Lead Champion Advanced Scoring Settings.

Lead Champion works only for visits from my country ?

No, Lead Champion can be activated without any territorial limitations: the technology recognizes companies from all around the world.


21 בספטמבר 2016
Invece di seguire i passaggi manualmente, mediante questo plugin l'installazione del codice in pagina per usare il servizio di raccolta Lead è veramente immediata. In pochi istanti si riesce a trasformare il proprio sito Wordpress in una fonte di contatti mediante l'elenco delle aziende che lo visitano ogni giorno. Veramente utilissimo per avere tante opportunità di business.
21 בספטמבר 2016
Plugin molto semplice, permette di aggiungere Lead Champion discover al sito semplicemente attivando il plugin e inserendo l'id sito. Non ha funzionalità avanzate, per ogni attività bisogna andare sul sito di Lead Champion ed entrare nella propria licenza. E' un servizio di lead generation molto utile e semplice da usare, bravi!
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