Conditional Payments for WooCommerce


Conditional Payments for WooCommerce allows you to restrict payment methods based on conditions. For example, you can enable Cash on Delivery only when the shipping method is Local pickup.

The plugin works with your existing payment methods. You can restrict PayPal, Stripe, Cash on Delivery and any other payment method.

Example 1

You have two payment methods, PayPal and Cash on Delivery. PayPal can be used for all orders but COD only when the customer pickups the order.

With Conditional Payments you can add shipping method condition to Cash on Delivery which checks that the shipping method is Local pickup.

Example 2

You want to provide invoice payment method only for business customers. You can add billing company condition to Invoice to prevent private customers from ordering with Invoice.


  • Restrict WooCommerce payment methods based on conditions
  • Works with existing payment methods
  • WooCommerce 3+ compatible

Available Conditions

  • Products
  • Order Subtotal
  • Shipping method
  • Billing address (all fields)
  • Shipping address (all fields)

Pro Features

  • All free features
  • Add payment method fees conditionally
  • More conditions
    • Coupon
    • Shipping class
    • Product category
    • Logged in / out
    • User role
    • Groups
    • Language (Polylang or WPML)

Upgrade to Pro

Support Policy

If you need any help with the plugin, please create a new post on the WordPress plugin support forum. It will be checked regularly but please note that response cannot be guaranteed to all issues. Priority email support is available for the Pro version.

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צילומי מסך


Conditional Payments is installed just like any other WordPress plugin.

  1. Download the plugin zip file
  2. Go to Plugins in the WordPress admin panel
  3. Click Add new and Upload plugin
  4. Choose the downloaded zip file and upload it
  5. Activate the plugin

Once the plugin is activated, you can add conditions in WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Conditions.


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Works perfectly and give everything what I needed 🙂
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  • WooCommerce 4.1.x compatibility check
  • Made address filters case-insensitive (previously case-sensitive)
  • For developers: added WP filters for adding support for 3rd party shipping method plugins


  • Improved product search
  • Added range and wildcard filtering for postcode condition


  • Added functionality for enabling / disabling rulesets


  • Fixed bug which caused error message on frontend related to JavaScript file enqueuing


  • Moved conditions from payment method setting pages to separate settings page (WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Conditions). This change will allow more advanced functionality in upcoming versions. Important! Check that conditions are working correctly after updating.


  • Updated compatibility info


  • Fixed Javascript issue which caused conditions disappear in some cases
  • Added support for Flexible Shipping plugin


  • Added link to Pro version


  • Initial version